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App Security services

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Rapid growth of client–server applications developed for mobile platforms is transforming the way businesses and their customers interact with one another. But as the development of these applications is typically driven by functionality, user-friendly design, and corporate branding, security is often overlooked. Even when security is considered, a mobile application is still likely to contain vulnerabilities and every update creates the opportunity for new vulnerabilities to be introduced. The risks to organizations are enormous as breaches have the potential to cause significant financial losses and damage to corporate reputation. Particular industries, such as financial services, are under increased pressure since mobile e-banking applications must comply with strict industry regulations. Our Application Security services can stop cyber security incidents turning into financial loss or reputational damage. At SPIDD GLOBAL, we provide you with an independent assessment of the level of security of your mobile applications. Our experts have extensive experience in mobile application security and a track record of over a decade in protecting networks of leading banks, global telecommunications providers, and industrial conglomerates

All Our App Security services:

Architecture & Design

Security Control Design Analysis

Red Teaming

Insider Threat Detection

Embedded Software Testing

Mobile Application Security Testing

Application Reverse Engineering or Decompilation

Improper storage of sensitive information

Authentication & Authorization issues

Local and Remote Injection attacks

Horizontal or Vertical information

Disclosure or privilege escalation

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